Allen R. Judd was killed in May 1943 during the 'Chelmsford Blitz' when his house in King's Road was burnt down having been struck by a phosphorus bomb dropped by a German aircraft during the raid. His sister was fatally injured in the incident and died later in hospital.

Allen was born in 1933 in the Chelmsford registration district, the son of George Judd (1906-2000) and Hazell Judd (nee Tyrell), 1907-1987). His parents had married on 3rd August 1929 in Tiptree, and Allen had at least three siblings.

By 1943 Allen was living with his parents and siblings at 111 King's Road in Chelmsford, the then last house on the road's south-western side.

In the early hours of 14th May 1943 Chelmsford experienced what was to prove to be its heaviest air raid of the war. In a sharp attack that lasted for just over an hour, the German air force, the Luftwaffe, dropped a large number of high explosive bombs, incendiaries and parachute landmines which caused extensive damage to residential, commercial and industrial properties in the town, and led to the deaths of more than 50 people.

Among the dead was Allen, who was killed when a 50 kg phosphorus bomb struck his home and started a fire. His sister, Beryl, was seriously injured in the incident and died in hospital two days later. At least five other people were injured in the incident. The funeral of Allen and  Beryl was held at Holy Trinity Church on 19th May 1943.

On 21st May 1943 the Essex Chronicle reported:

“Two children buried - The funeral took place at Holy Trinity Church on Wednesday of Alan [sic] and Beryl Ina, aged respectively 11 and two, children of Mr. and Mrs. George Judd, of King’s Road, whose deaths occurred under tragic circumstances.

The Rev. Eric Hodgins officiated. The mourners were: Mr. H. Judd, grandfather; Miss K. Judd, great-aunt; Mr. and Mrs. H. Judd; Mr. and Mrs. C. Cutts, Mr. and Mrs. C. Alliker, Mr. and Mrs. W. Tyrell, Mr. H. Tyrell, Mr. and Mrs. R. Leet., uncles and aunts; Mrs. B. Bradbury; Mr. Wade and Mr. Andrews. Others present were Mr. Donald and Mr.

Allen R. JUDD, Civilian

Killed during an air raid at King's Road, Chelmsford. Aged 9

Anthwistle (representing a local works), Mrs. Madder Smith, Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Nash. Miss K. Ward, Mrs. Smith, Mr. David Cheater, and Mr. J. Ward.

The 27 floral tributes included those from friends of The Green and Christy Avenue; neighbours and friends of King’s Road, Christy Avenue, Park Avenue and Warwick Square; Wardens of North Avenue Post, and the directors and employees of a local works. - the funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Frank Ward and Son, Hill Road Works.”